This is not working out

Apr 18, 2014 by

I’m writing so much that I keep forgetting to blog. So instead of wasting energy feeling guilty about not blogging, I’m...

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Apr 8, 2014 by

So I’m taking another class with Dean Wesley Smith, this time on Character and Setting. Here’s one part (out of four) of...

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What I’m working on Apri...

Apr 1, 2014 by

Happy April Fool’s day! I was going to do something funny here but after several tries it turns out that I’m not actually...

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In defense of a good time

Mar 27, 2014 by

The other night the hubby and I were talking about comics as we were getting ready to sleep, you know, as you do. I was just starting...

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Plastic surgery

Mar 25, 2014 by

Last week I had many, many conversations about beauty. Most of them happened as a result of this post. Go ahead and read it,...

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Guest post!

Mar 22, 2014 by

My friend Karen asked me to do a guest post on a community blog she’s on called The Prosers. And I did! And it’s the...

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Mar 21, 2014 by

Oh. My. Gods! Jem and the Holograms is getting a movie! I couldn’t possibly fully express the amount of squee this produces in...

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