Oct 16, 2017

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Fright Night Challenge 16: Let the right one in

Let the Right one In was another quiet one. It is essentially a middle-grade love story between a boy, Oskar, and a vampire, Eli. Oskar is 12 and Eli has been 12 for a long time. The horror elements come exclusively from the fact of Eli’s vampiredom. There’s a fair bit of gore connected to it, but none of it exactly gratuitous. Oskar is bullied fairly heavily by his so-called peers, so nota bene.

I loved this one. The story is beautiful and the quiet love between the two kids is amazing. Eli is non-binary and that’s kind of beautiful too. Something that I really liked about this was the fact that it was so fundamentally Swedish. It’s a lot closer to home than pretty much anything in my challenge and that’s kind of beautiful in and of itself. Like I said, the movie is quiet but at the same time it’s also a wonderful commentary on the way childhood friendships last and grow. I recommend seeing it, just be aware that it’s in Swedish and won’t be brainless except for Swedes.

  1. Lisa M. Bradley says:

    Interesting…Again you sent me off to do my research!

    I remember the lines Eli speaks that establish nonbinary identity, but I didn’t understand the visual “reveal” so didn’t quite grok what Eli was saying. This new insight makes me want to rewatch. Have you read the book?

  2. Let the Right One In is probably my favorite vampire movie of all time. I second everything you said, and it’s totally worth watching it in Swedish with subtitles because the actors who dub in English…don’t…quite…get the emotions right.

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