A while ago I came back from the midnight release of Alan Wake, a game made by a Helsinki based game house called Remedy, best known for creating the highly successful Max Payne game. The event itself was kind of cool in a nerdy way. The game’s script writer (oh, and the actor as well, but the script writer was the one I mostly wanted to autograph our game) was there to give out autographs, they gave some t-shirts, flash lights and key chains to the people who waited in line to be among the first in the world to get their hands on the new game.

While we waited, they also gave us some promotional Battery cans so now I can’t sleep. 😀 Also I want to scratch my eyes out because birch trees are trying to procreate and I’m allergic to them. National tree my ass. I say we burn ’em all and good riddance. Apparently Asian people have it really bad with birch. A couple of my Chinese and Korean colleagues have been hospitalized due to the dramatic symptoms, many opt to spend all of May back in the old country. So I shouldn’t be complaining. Still doesn’t change the fact that I’m seriously starting to consider the lifestyle choice of living without eyes. Although I would need to change profession, since debugging code simply by ear is kind of hard.

The game itself looks super cool so far which I’ll admit is not far at all. I’m a scared y cat and I’m not ashamed to admit it. You’d think it would be a hindrance for a horror writer, but so far it seems to be an advantage to me. See, the reason I’m scared of everything is that I can imagine very vividly all the horrible things really happening. So you bet your ass that if I play Alan Wake at night we will be sleeping with the lights on for the next few days, which would be a bummer for my husband who has trouble sleeping with the lights on. That being said, the tag line (“I’m awake”) just reminds me of the Druids of the Claw from the WarCraft universe. Especially that suck y mission on WoW where you have to escort the guy from Grove of Ancients to Maestra’s Post. As if escort missions weren’t bad enough, this guy has to fall asleep every so often. And every time you wake him up he acts like he’s doing you a great favour.

I need to go splash some ice cold water on my eyes now. Have decided to keep them at least for now.