The stream of refugees is constant these days. Ever since President Beck was inaugurated and as his first act removed the last semblances of separation between church and state even the remaining hopefuls started leaving USA. Of course the most of the sheer numbers was borne by Canada and Mexico, with them being so close. These days Mexico was having a hard time keeping illegal Americans away. The Mexican economy simply can’t handle the masses now searching for a job. About a year ago Marina, an immigration worker for the government of EU, had been assigned solely to work on immigrants coming in from America.

These days Marina was still seeing many scientists who wanted their kids to grow up in an environment where they could learn observable facts and not the latest dogma put forth by elected officials. European universities were getting more and more well known leading experts in any and all fields (not counting theology) were choosing EU instead of USA to live, teach and study. Marina couldn’t help but laugh inwardly every time she thought about the fact that Americans were now escaping religious persecution by coming to Europe. How much had changed in 400 years.

Of course there were still some deeply religious people who wanted to go to the States, but mostly they were cut off from the other world. After President Brown tried to invade Canada in the wake of Canadian Parliament legalizing gay marriage, US lost its permanent seat on the UN Security counsil and things had only deteriorated from there.

Marina sighed as she sat down to look through yet another file asking for a family asking for political asylum and wondered how long it would take for America to completely destroy itself.