“I call this meeting to order” Domino shouted above the din of the women exchanging how-do-you-do’s as she banged the gavel down.

“Now, you may have noticed that disproportionate numbers of us ladies of the cape tend to get killed or taken out of the count by those so-called supervillains. It seems that our brothers in the call don’t seem to mind it that much, not enough to do anything about it at least. So I say we band together. I mean we’ve got serious ass-kicking potential here.

“Carol – which do you prefer, Carol or Warbird? – you used to be an incredible pilot and now look at you. Just because you lost your powers doesn’t mean you can’t do anything good anymore. I’m pretty sure I could find a use for your marksmanship skills. Have you been keeping it up?

“Starfire, you’ve seen a lot of bad things in your life. Enslaved, forced into marriage, twice no less. We could certainly still use you and your talents.

“How many of our number are not here today because the villains keep taking us out, one by one? None of us certainly didn’t think this was going to be a healthy move, but the bastards aren’t even really trying to kill off the men. Just the women they’re associated with. How long until none of us can walk on our own anymore? I say we fight back and fight back hard! If we’re a united front, they can’t hope to stop us. Maybe we can talk some of the women with the villains into joining us. I’m sick of it always being us!

“So in conclusion my sisters, I say, why wait for the bastards come rape, torture or kill us? Let’s take them out, one by one until none are left! Who’s with me?”