Aaron kissed Deborah goodbye. She waved at him her kimono slipping open to reveal her physique in undergarments. If pressed for an opinion, Aaron would’ve called her mature. Mostly he did not like to talk about the way he felt about his clients. He was providing a service to them and that included discretion. He was not nearly the best in the field. Not even the best of the men but he was still very good looking and that brought him enough clientele to put some money aside for when his looks faded. Having been among the first class of the newly formed companion school after legalization was a plus, of course. The ones who graduated back then were the first in a niche market.

He took out his Blackberry as he sat into his sports car, well the Guild’s car really, lent to him for client meetings. He had one more appointment for today, playing tennis with the widow Coleman. She liked to have armcandy for these charity games, it seemed to make everyone else know their place. The guild still had so few practicing companions that you needed connections and charm as well as money if you wished to trade with them. Mrs. Coleman was one of those people who liked to flaunt the fact that even though she was pushing 80 she could still commandeer herself a companion.

Aaron went back to the guild, took a shower and put on fresh clothes, white tennis shorts and a baby blue collared t-shirt. Baby blue was Mrs. Coleman’s favourite colour. He always liked to add a nice touch like that. It made his clients feel cared for, made them come back for more.

He got into an SUV and drove to the country club. Mrs. Coleman was already there, waiting for him.
“Midge, you look lovelier than ever!”
“Aaron, you dear boy. Allow me to introduce you to some of my friends.
Aaron offered Mrs. Coleman his hand, turned on the charm and got to work.