The little blueberry fairy made her way across the forest. She was gathering dew from the bluebells for her lover to drink. He was sick and dying. The withdoctor told her to gather the dew and make sure he drank it all.

He had been sick ever since he fell in the puddle. It hadn’t been water that was for sure. It had been some sort of sticky black stuff left there by the metal beasts the big people called cars.

The dew wasn’t working. She needed to find a better cure for him. She would need to somehow contact humans. It hadn’t been done by her kind in the last 300 years at least. Her mother had told her a story about a friend of hers who had fallen in love with a human. This was back in the days when faeries and humans still had lots of dealings with each other. So there was a way, there had to be one. Her mother’s story never told her how it happened and when she asked her mother would not tell her. Afraid to lose her the blueberry fairy thought.

So, after she had carefully offered the dew to her lover, the blueberry fairy kissed him farewell and made the strawberry fairy promise her she would care for him while she was gone. She then went to the witchdoctor to implore her to change her.

“Child, I see you are doing this for the kindness of your heart but think about this, you might not be able to change back. You cannot change back if the humans manage to corrupt you.”
“It’s a risk I’m willing to take, Grandmother. I need to save him.”
“Very well, I expected this to happen. We will begin at noon. Eat and drink before then.”

The ritual was strange. The witchdoctor burned some plants that gave off a bitter smoke that made the blueberry fairy cough. Afterwards the witchdoctor told her she needed to dive into the river to finish the transformation.

She felt the water wash over her as she dived deeper than ever before. When she surfaced everything seemed a lot smaller to her somehow. Her arms and legs felt like they were flailing all around as she swam to the shore. For a while she just sat on the bank looking at herself and noticing that much difference, except for the size. When she was done she stood up and set out in serch of the cure.