Everybody called him Jones. He had a first name of course, Jebediah after his grandfather and his grandfather’s grandfather. Whenever he’d tried to go by Jebediah he always got looks saying “You going to go all religious on me?” Jones hadn’t been that religious to start with so if anything his name had killed the last of it. He didn’t particularly like his grandfather either so he preferred “Jones”

Jones was an English major before it all happened. Since he won the State spelling bee championships his friends and family had lovingly called him Captain Spelling. So it was not surprising as such when he finally had a mental meltdown that he adopted a superhero persona.

It was sad really. Jones lost his mother and his father in a short timespan and his girlfriend left him. Understandably his friends were concerned. So one morning when his oldest friend came in to find the apartment trashed and Jones missing he wasn’t entirely surprised. His first instinct was to call everyone and get them searching for him, so he did.

When they finally found him, he was wearing a superhero costume of sorts. Basically tighty whities and layering underwear with a sheet on his shoulders for a cape. He had actually managed to stop a couple of muggings just by surprising the muggers. The first one came back with a couple of friends and beat him up. His friends got him to a hospital where he got treatment for both physical and mental wounds. It will remain to be seen whether or not Captain Spelling will ride again.