“But what if they catch us Tony?”
Tony sighed inwardly. Peter was pretty fun to hang out with, but the boy had no sense of adventure. It wasn’t like they were going to rob a bank anyway.
“They’ll hang us ’till we’re dead. Relax, we won’t get caught.”
The two boys crept in the near-darkness following the curve of the school’s wall. Tony had left tha window of the English room open so that they could go in through therewithout tripping any alarms. After they were done, he’d lock the window on their way out, so no one else could use it. After all, they just wanted the mascot, not for the whole school to be robbed.

Once inside the boys knew exactly where to head next; the principal’s office, where the ferret lived. They were almost at their destination when they heard steps coming down the hall, someone was whistling.

“We’re busted! Have mercy!” Peter hissed.
Tony had to admit, it was looking pretty dim but he shoved the two other boys into a bathroom and closed the door behind them swiftly and silently. As a precaution they all piled in to the cubicle furthest from the door. A moment later the whistling followed them to the bathroom. They heard the security guard open a cubicle doorand they heard him relieving himself over his whistling. Then they heard him washing his hands. Peter looked ready to faint, but he kept himself together enough not to make any noise.

When the whistling died out and they heard the door close, they counted to 100 before moving at all. They got out of the cubicle very carefully and piled out into the bathroom. Tony went to open the door very carefully and when there was no sign anymore of the whistling, he gave Peter a wide grin and two thumbs up.

They proceeded to the principal’s office and took the ferret and his cage. They had every intention of bringing him back in a day or two, but they would still need his cage along. They walked silently along the empty corridors, carrying the heavy cage between them. They made it all the way outside without anything else happening.

When they got outside, they put the cage down, looked at each other and burst out laughing.