There’s been no end of snowpocalypse posts and news all over the world. On Monday it finally hit Finland, or more specifically the Helsinki area. Monday was luckily Independence Day and we pretty much stayed indoors except when we entertained our dog by taking her out to play in the snow.

This is the dog (photo from last winter since I forgot to take the camera along yesterday)

On Tuesday I went to work. Here’s some of the things I saw:

The line of dump trucks just waiting to take all the snow to a designated snow dumping area (I only got one in because the bus just rode in, blocking the second one but there were at least a dozen there, just waiting)

The reason for the dump trucks; plowed snow piles taller than I am. And I’m not a petite woman by any means.

Leaving work, this is how I knew there was more to come.

“Honey, I swear there’s supposed to be an intersection in here somewhere.”

Good thing the wind was howling yesterday so there’s not much danger of trees’ branches snapping under the weight of the snow. At least not yet.

Although the same cannot be said of the evergreens.

Walking down streets it’s easy to see which cars have been used today and which have not.

It’s not that I’m bitter or anything but other countries get snow days. There’s at least half a meter of snow everywhere and the plows haven’t had the time to reach everywhere and yet, the world doesn’t stop. One of the many wonderful and accursed things of living in a Nordic Country.

Still… Look how pretty!