So yesterday was Valentine’s day. In honour of that the teacher of my creative writing group set us sonnets for homework. I’m no poet, as can easily be seen from the silly little sonnets below.

Her skin it is oh, so soft and smooth,
Her hair like the barley fields of gold
I am awkward, fool and uncouth,
I am ugly, grey and growing old.
Her touch causes in me ascension,
She is a goddess, her beauty of legend.
Me, I am unworthy of her attention
Thankful to her each and every second.
She always lets me have things my way,
My love for her knows no bounds.
And though she has not much to say,
She is deeper than any of the sounds.
My love, lying in her bed
gone cold, long since dead.


White is the color of my love for you,
An unpainted canvas ready for more.
To feel your touch, for days I would queue.
Until death do us part we both swore.
White as is the newly driven snow,
Warm as is the wool of the newborn lamb
Long and winding as is the river’s flow
I’m not here for wham, bam, thank you mam.
From the first time I looked your way,
You would never, ever waste my time.
For every day of my life I will say,
I love you so, it makes me rhyme.
My husband, my loving honey,
I’m yours on days cloudy and sunny.