The following is a scene from my NaNoWriMo novel (working title Inked) that I’m only now finding the energy to edit/rewrite. The villain of the piece was originally the demon in this scene but I’ve found that it didn’t really work, so I changed the whole direction of the novel (hey, it’s a NaNoWriMo novel, I wasn’t expecting anything less. 😉 ) and this scene ended up on the cutting room floor as not fitting in anywhere. I still kind of like the scene itself so I thought I’d share it with you, my good readers.


Twelve hooded figures are gathered around a marble table. They are mumbling something in unison while a young woman, her hair as black as ink, twists and writhes on the table. Her hands and feet are bound tight but not so tight that she can’t move them at all. She’s moaning in pain as the figures around her keep up their chanting picking up more speed as they go. The figure standing at the woman’s feet takes a step backwards from the group and raises her voice high as she pleads.

“Lord of Chaos and Destruction! Take this woman’s sacrifice! She is willing to give up her own existence to make way for yours!”

The volume of the chanting starts to rise as the worshipers expect something to happen, praying desperately for the offering to be taken. The woman screams in pain and her whole body goes limp. The hooded figures stop chanting and barely daring to breathe they all stare at the woman. After what seems to the spectators an eternity she takes a deep, gasping breath. She opens her eyes and the change is immediately visible. Her eyes are completely black and cold, her demeanor no longer scared and in pain but rather confident and surveying the world on a predatory basis.

“Release me, my minions. The time has come for me to take this world and all that’s in it by storm. Time for my glory days has come.” She talks in a voice that manages to be sweet, triumphant and cold all at the same time.

The figure at the end of the stone table by her feet nods to the awaiting people and grabs the woman’s ankles. Merely a second later she is being held down from all sides by all gathered at the sacrifice except for the hooded man at the other end by her head, who has taken out an ornate dagger and is raising it above his head.

“What?! You dare betray ME?!” the woman bellows, no trace of sweetness left in her voice. It is now distorted and somehow very wrong as if no human was ever supposed to sound like that. She starts laughing. And the deep, dark laugh echoes through the room, it reverberates in all their spines getting louder and louder until the man at the head brings the dagger crashing down upon the woman’s heart. There is suddenly an eerie silence in the room, a silence that seems to be even louder than the laughter had been.

Finally the figure standing at the now deceased woman’s feet says out loud “It is done. May God have mercy on all of us and bless her for the sacrifice she made tonight for the greater good.”

The rest of the assembled men and women echo her final words. “For the greater good” they murmur in unison.