Dear Dolores,

I know it has been 37 years since I have been in touch. No doubt you have been following my exploits in the papers. When I left I said to you, I’d bring the world to your feet one day and I’m ready to do that now. Any time you’re ready, write back with details.

Yours always,

Dear Abner,

As you say, it has been 37 years. I must say I wasn’t expecting to ever hear from you again, you left so suddenly that night, our third date as I recall. I remember it well. It was a nice night too. Yes, you did say that you would bring me the world, but then I said that wasn’t necessary and you smiled and kissed me goodnight. A week later, wondering why you hadn’t called even though our date was so good, I called you at home. Imagine how surprised I was when your mother told me that you had left. “How do you mean left?” I said. “He just left. He left us a note saying he’s out conquering the world.” she told me.

Well, needless to say, I was devastated. Three dates with me drove you clear out of town.

But eventually I got over it. And now it seems you haven’t been following the papers either. For you see, I went out to conquer the world as well. And like you, I have succeeded. But you see, it has been 37 years. Years ago I met a man and I lay the world at his feet. We are still very happy together.

I hope you all the best. And hopefully next time you won’t wait for 37 years.