I just read the stupidest, most self-congratulating piece of idiocy in a long while and it made me so mad I just couldn’t help but share my thoughts on the subject.

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield wrote a piece complaining about when atheism gets ugly. Now granted, I am an atheist and have been for all my life, as long as I can remember, so my point of view may be slanted.

But let’s see what Rabbi Hirschfield considers ugly behaviour from atheists: Backyard Skeptics in Orange County, Florida held a protest a few days ago, where they congregated with a set of scriptures taken out of the bible and printed on paper. Let’s be clear about that; unlike Hirschfield claims (lies), they DID NOT rip actual bibles. They took out scriptures that would be not only morally reprehensible today but actually illegal and punishable by death in many parts of the US (stoning disobedient children, anyone).

THIS is what Hirschfield considers ugly behaviour in the name of atheism? We should be so lucky that everyone was ugly in the way atheists are. See, when religionists get ugly in the name of their religion, they kill people. PZ Myers has more examples of horrors in the name of religion in the last ten years no less.

Just a recap;
atheist ugliness = tearing up copier papers with illegal commandments in them
religious ugliness = murder.