Week Three has come and gone. As a reminder, here is the synopsis I’ve written for my NaNo novel:

Sara is a consultant who’s bored with her life. The corporate ladder does not beckon to her like it seems to beckon to her peers and she is actively searching for an escape when one literally falls in her lap in the form of a windswept gryphon. She quickly discovers that librarians are not the meek old ladies she always thought they were but agents keeping the mythical inside the books they are trying to escape.

Soon after that it becomes apparent that someone is actively trying to thin the fabric between the realities to their own nefarious ends.

This week went down even worse than last week. I got sick and spent pretty much the whole week asleep. I still managed to write some but nothing really to write home about. The story’s hitting a lull too with some revelations made, others way too far away and that yawning gap of a middle just staring at me. I hate writing middles. I think I’m good at starting things, I think I’m pretty good at ending stories (the final battle may be my very favourite part to write in any story) it’s just that middle that I have problems with. That pretty much seems to be the opinion among my beta-readers as well. I know that stuff needs to happen so that my characters can have that pretty arc that I’ve planned for them, I just always, always have problems coming up with the action to match that character arc. I don’t want the book’s middle to be only characters talking and coming to conclusions without leaving the room.

I hate middles. Need to get back to writing one though. See you on the other side.