Week Four. Only three more days left until the end of November and NaNoWriMo. As a reminder, here is the synopsis I’ve written for my NaNo novel:

Sara is a consultant who’s bored with her life. The corporate ladder does not beckon to her like it seems to beckon to her peers and she is actively searching for an escape when one literally falls in her lap in the form of a windswept gryphon. She quickly discovers that librarians are not the meek old ladies she always thought they were but agents keeping the mythical inside the books they are trying to escape.

Soon after that it becomes apparent that someone is actively trying to thin the fabric between the realities to their own nefarious ends.

This week wasn’t quite as abysmnal as last week for wordcounts bu it has still been the second worst week of my NaNoWriMo as far as wordcount goes. The flu that floored me last week made a reappearance though thankfully in a less severe form so I still got something at least written on the days that I was down for the count. Yesterday was the second and last dog show that my dog will participate in before late spring/summer 2012 so that left its own spin on things. I was saying just yesterday how inconveniently these two dog shows are placed because not only do both my work Christmas this year parties occur the day before which mean no partying but also the interfere with NaNoWriMo. Today has been completely free of distractions though so no excuses there. This year’s weekend wordcounts have been shamefull. Last year I could accomplish 4000-6000 words/day on my days off. This year my record’s something like 2500. I just don’t know what gives.

On the story front it’s going loads better. Last week’s Middle ennui has mostly faded thanks to Sara meeting a new person who has some secrets and more information for her. There’s also some conflict there to be used later. Although I’m going to have to go back and fix some of the scenes because there’s so much talking heads action there that something more needs to be done. But I’m a firm believer in first drafts being allowed to suck. That’s what revision is for.