One of my favorite bloggers, the Canadian Yarn Harlot, traditionally puts a blog up on Canada day praising Canada and Canadians and I really like the tradition, so I’m going to steal borrow it and tell you great things about Finland on this, her Independence Day.

Education for all

In Finland, everyone can get an education. Anyone can go to a University or a Polytechnic. You are only ever limited by your own interests and abilities. Students get a vage that you can live on. Not well, but you can still live on it. And it’s a good education. The PISA studies consistently find Finnish education to be in the top 10, most often in the top 3 countries in the whole world. As far as I know there are no similar studies for higher education (beyond 15 years of age) but I’m sure Finland would score highly in those as well.

Four distinct seasons

While even I may bitch and gripe after two moths of freezing rain coming upwards I wouldn’t give up having four distinct seasons for any price. Lazy summer days swimming in the lake or walking around in the city that’s so very hot (see Summer in the City), crisp autumn days with their plumage of leaves and the nights so very well at home in any horror novel, winter with snow fights and hot chocolate and wool and then spring with the nature coming alive again.


You might think that going to sit or lie down in a room that by definition has a temperature of at least 70 degrees Celsius (160 degrees Fahrenheit) and throw water to make steam to make it hotter is at least a little bit mad. But really, spending an hour alternately in a sauna and a shower – or preferably a lake – is incredibly relaxing. It’s a wonderful way to ease tension in muscles sore from too much work on a computer.


Cleanliness is famously next to godliness and that’s really true with Finland. People like to complain about dog poop and other such things but on an international scale even our streets are really clean. There’s just no other way to say it.

These are just a few of the things that make Finland the best place on earth. Happy Birthday.