2011 was kind of a sad year for me in many ways. In the very beginning of the year I met someone who I would have really wanted to get to know well but she died before we had a chance to do that. I lost my very first dog this year as well as both of my grandmothers and then at the very end of this year, Christopher Hitchens died. While there are many, many, many things I disagreed with him about I nonetheless admired the man and there’s no denying he had an influence on my life. Don’t worry, this is not another eulogy to Hitchens, rather a point to illustrate that something was driven home to me this year; life is short. I know what a cliché, right? Nonetheless it’s something that I hadn’t really grasped so far.

Something about the New Year seems to bring out the optimist in everyone. “This is the year I will do the things that I haven’t been able to do so far.” I’m no exception to the rule but this year I’ll try my best.

Life is too short for bad TV. That’s going to be my motto for 2012. I’m going to try to write more, send my stuff out faster, work more with my new dog and generally live my life so that I won’t ever have to regret not doing so. Maybe this is even the year that I’ll manage to lose some weight. I’ve been packing it on for the last 12 years so maybe it’s time to lose some for a change.
So, dear reader, what are you optimistic about this New Year?