Month: March 2012


Developing Intelligence

For my birthday this year I ordered a critique of a short story I wrote from Jeff Vandermeer. He managed to convince me that it’s actually a lot bigger story than I’ve written. This is my roundabout way of saying that I’ve ….  Read More


Monday Menagerie

I am not a fan of Mondays. I try to be at work by 8 AM because that means I get more time for myself in the evenings, including time to write. The thing is, I’m nocturnal by nature. So everytime I ….  Read More


Happy Equality Day!

Today is the birthday of Minna Canth which is celebrated in Finland as both her birthday and Equality Day. This happens to coincide with the Women’s History Month going on in the U.S. So, in honor of Minna Canth I would like ….  Read More


Murder you say?

I LOVE murder mysteries. Sit me down with an Agatha Christie novel and I’m happy (despite the fact that I absolutely destroyed my mother’s copy of Murder on the Orient Express when I was a kid). Ditto for Terry Pratchett’s Sam Vimes, ….  Read More


Anti-Caturday: Be Prepared

Hyenas are fantastic creatures. They’re feliform carnivores which means that they’re meat-eaters more closely related to cats than dogs. That fact alone always makes me geek out about evolution. Hyenas can literally crush bones and play dead when attacked by a superior ….  Read More


SFRC: Divergent

Beatrice Prior is not happy with her life although she thinks she should be. Her faction, Abnegation, is all about selflessness, which she unfortunately is not. At least not always. Beatrice longs for the rush of running, the total abandon that comes ….  Read More