I am not a fan of Mondays. I try to be at work by 8 AM because that means I get more time for myself in the evenings, including time to write. The thing is, I’m nocturnal by nature. So everytime I have some down-time, like say a weekend, my evenings go later as do my mornings. So Sunday evening always stretches longer than it should which makes waking up on Monday hard to say the least. And I never seem to have enough time during the weekends to do everything that I feel I should which makes Monday suck even more. So I try hard to find stuff that makes me feel better about it being Monday. Today I thought I might share some of them with you.

The Reason Rally went down on Saturday and Adam Savage gave the most inspiring speech ever. I’ve been playing it on repeat for most of the day.

Scienctists are coming to the conclusion that water did indeed once flow on the surface of Mars.

Venus is frikking cool! Which it has of course always been, I just found out about it yesterday. I mean the planet’s surface is quite a hellhole; the pressure at “sea-level” is something around 90 bars (so 90 times what the pressure at sea-level on Earth is), it literally rains acid, the atmosphere is almost completely made up out of carbon dioxide, which you know, turns out to be responsible for a green house effect on steroids, causing temperatures somewhere around 500°C (950°F). BUT! If you set up a colony somewhere around 50 kilometers up from the ground, you get Earth-like pressure and temperature, no acid rains AND if you simply pressurize the colony pods at 1 bar, the whole colony floats on its own because of the buoyancy of Venus’s atmosphere. Even the few probes we have sent there land completely without parachutes because changing the internal air pressure of the probe works just as well if not better than a parachute. Now tell me that’s not the coolest thing you’ve heard all year?