Month: May 2012


Apocalypse Now

This post originally appeared in Finnish on the Nörttitytöt blog. ***** As I am sure anyone who has not lived in a cave for the last couple of years already knows 2012 is the year the world ends. Everybody and their mother ….  Read More


Various things

A while ago the inimatable Edward Fraser threw a challenge at me and it being my first ever blog challenge I shall of course comply. It’s the Lucky 7 Twitter Game and the rules are as follows: go to page 7 or ….  Read More


SFRC: Hellhole

General Tiber Adolphus has almost completed his rebellion. The central planet of Sonjeera remains unconquered but his forces outnumber the enemy easily. General Adolphus didn’t expect Diadem Michella Duchenet to be quite so ruthless though; she has gathered scores of family members ….  Read More