I wrote this from last week’s Writing Excuses writing prompt.


I never even had time to scream. They just grabbed me off the street and before I knew it, I’d been bound, blindfolded and thrown into a car. Sitting there, trying my best not to panic, I could feel the bulky outlines of two people on both of my sides.

“Where are you taking me?”

No answer.

“Look. You have the wrong person here. This is just a misunderstanding and if you let me go right now, I won’t tell anyone.”

“Don’t listen to her,” someone barked from the direction that I could only guess to be the driver’s seat.

“Come on. This is kidnapping.” I know my voice shook even through all my efforts to be authoritative and compelling.

“Shut up. Gag her will you?” the voice from the front said. One of the bulky shapes moved and put a gag in my mouth. No more talking then.

After I couldn’t talk anymore I did the best that I could to make note of where they were taking me. I think I must have panicked, because I know I was shaking from all the adrenaline in my system. But somehow I kept focusing on one task at a time.

Finally the car stopped and I was half-dragged over a gravel road, up a flight of stone steps and through a doorway. I tripped on the threshold but the bulky figures just dragged me along. I heard a door clang behind me and I panicked. I started shouting as hard as I could through the gag, thrashing at the people hurrying me forward. But it was no use. They simply tightened their grip on my arms and walked faster.

Then they let go and unbound my hands. For a bewildering moment I struggled to get the blindfold and the gag off. When I did, I found a group of people around me. They weren’t threatening in any way. One offered me water. Though suspicious, I took it and drank some.

“Where am I?”

A lean, greying man stepped forward, adjusting his eyeglasses. “Welcome to the Doctor Gustafsson Institution for the Criminally Sane.”