The Wall Fiasco

If you follow me on Twitter (and really, why the hell aren’t you? Twitter is awesome.), you have probably noticed that we’ve been doing some home improvement during this summer holiday. So far we’ve been only working on the bedroom and honestly, haven’t even done that much for reasons that I will soon share. I am sharing this tale of woe because honestly, someday I hope to be able to laugh about this travesty.

The offending wallpaper
The offending wallpaper
So we bought this apartment nearly three years ago. We were in desperate need of a bigger one, having just sold the previous one from under our feet. I’ve hated the wallpapers here from the beginning. They’re beige and for some reason covered in images of different kinds of grain. Plus they’re covered in some sort of plastic. Very icky.

And a few weeks ago we finally started the task of getting rid of them. It still seems insurmountable but at least one room is done and thankfully, the kitchen never had any, so that leaves three more rooms. Most Finnish homes have only white walls but we chose a light blue paint instead because I like colour. A trip to the hardware store followed.

What happened next was… annoying. We started to remove the wallpaper from one wall with a wallpaper remover and the first layer, the plastic and the pictures came off easily enough. After that the backing took much more work as it seems every inch of the wallpapers here have been glued into the wall. Because goodness forbid anyone get rid of the ugly wallpaper. The plaster behind the wallpaper started coming off in big chunks too. And then when we started painting the primer. A lot of the plaster that hadn’t peeled away previously started bubbling up under the paint and some of it simply came off with the roller. Great. Start over please. Handily we find out that the filling we have is the wrong type and won’t fill in the cracks and the primer is running out. Another trip to the hardware store.

With the first wall finally painted another trip to the hardware store followed to replenish paints and so on. The guy there advised that in the future we should only take away the top layer and just paint over the second layer. Sound advise in a normal situation. But what we are talking about here is the Cursed Wallpaper of Doom.

plaster loss
plaster loss
The plastic layer came off easily enough even without the wallpaper remover and we were happily congratulating ourselves about this fabulous move. You can practically hear the dramatic music already can’t you? The Wallpaper of Doom had other plans and started bubbling away from the wall as soon as the paint hit it. Not only that but as we started peeling away the layers almost all of the plaster behind came away with it. Not all though, noooo. That would have been too easy. Two trips to two separate hardware stores, more filler, a new powertool, lots of swearing and an oncoming tendonitis later the wall got plastered, sanded, painted and repainted, makin the renovations in the bedroom complete.

Yes. I will probably laugh about this one day. Maybe after the rest of the Cursed Wallpaper of Doom is destroyed.

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