Pride and Prejudice may well be the most well-known of Jane Austen’s works. Like other works by Austen it has been remade in many and sundry ways before and will likely be remade by many others before the zombies consume us all. But one of the best renditions is the totally free version of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. In the video series Elizabeth Bennet has been recast as Lizzie Bennet, a gradstudent in some sort of media field. Her three younger sisters have been merged into only Lydia since after all these days in America it’s more usual to have two and a half kids.

The videos are pretty professional and entertaining all by themselves but it’s lovely to see the story retold in this kind of modern context. The creators have found a new facet of the different characters to present. They’ve even managed to find some sweetness in Lydia Bennet who’s very possibly the most annoying character in literary history. There are some 45 different videos online so far and the story is progressing one video a week so there’s still plenty of time to start following before the end.

And that’s pretty awesome.