Full disclosure: at the time of writing this I’m not, nor have I ever been, nor do I have any plans at present to become affiliated with Audible or any of its affiliates other than as a paying customer.

I am a huge fan of audio books. Working on the computer for both my day job and the elusive dream job means that often when I have the time to read my eyes are simply too tired to focus. Audiobooks allow me to read fiction for both pleasure and craft while not giving up on my already too limited writing time.

I’ve mentioned before that listen to audio books but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned Audible as such. Let me say simply that I am a fan. Huge numbers of books, at least the vast majority of them well done and read by wonderful voice actors and ranging from classics to the very newest. For some $15 per month you can choose one audiobook from the huge collection every month, available for you to download whenever you’re connected to the internet.

Not to mention the fact that they also support writing podcasts like Writing Excuses (you can get a trial book through there by the way) by advertising with them.

And that is all kinds of awesome