Tim Minchin is an Australian comedic singer best known for his live shows, which he calls “funny cabaret”.

I first came across Minchin when one of the bloggers I follow shared a video of him performing Storm, a nine-minute beat poem of a dinner party. The performance includes a funny explanation of reasons to be skeptical and, more to the point how to be skeptical. It is still my favourite Tim Minchin anything.

Minchin is good at finding the absurd in anything from love to the papacy. He’s also well known as a critic of religion although that’s not all he is about.

When he does get serious, his songs are weep-inducingly beautiful.

And frankly, what could be more awesome?

P.S. Mr Minchin if you happen to be reading this through the magic of Google Alerts, please come to Finland on one of your tours. Thanks. 🙂