I’ve been lucky in many respects and one of them is that I’ve never been truly seriously injured nor do I suffer from clinical depression. From what I understand though both have in common a difficulty sometimes of even getting out of bed. Enter SuperBetter.

SuperBetter is a game/social network to make the small things in life more epic. It’s based on theories in neuroscience, medicine and psychology and designed by game developers (the idea actually came from Jane McGonigal, who’s one of the most amazing people in existence). It gives voice to the struggles one faces and helps the people around them come to terms with the head-space that surrounds these conditions. Things like drinking sugary drinks become villains to tackle, giving yourself the time and inclination to laugh become quests. It sounds corny but it’s how our brains work and from what I know of pretty much anything, it should really work.

Also, I love the tagline; You are stronger than you know. What’s not awesome about that?