Yesterday I found that my tattoo artist just died at the age of 41. Lately it seems a lot of people important to me have been dying and it has got me thinking about mortality and how short life is.

We’re none of us eternal and even though it seems like that’s a no-brainer, all around me I see people not living up to that. Let me give you an example. Ever since I started telling people that I mean to write a lot of people have told me that they also would like to write if they ever get time to do that. And yet those same people are often also up to date in the latest developments of Grey’s Anatomy or Big Brother or whatever else is on TV. And a lot more people spend their lives bitching and moaning about how sad their lives are cause they don’t have the latest iPhone. And then there are the sad trolls all over the internet who relieve the patheticness of their lives by slobbering invective at any and all targets they can. And it occurs to me that none of these activities seem to make the people doing them any happier.

So, what do you dream about? What have you done lately to make it a reality? And I’m not talking about skipping out on your family or anything like that. I’m talking about people who want to write, taking the time to write. Even if it’s for 15 minutes every day. If your dream is to retire to Hawaii then I’m sure there are steps you can take towards that mountain, saving money or some such.

What I’m saying is: life is short. So go out and live it.