Today is the 95th Independence Day of Finland. And in the grand tradition of the Yarn Harlot, I want to share with you some awesome things about Finland. Last year I talked about my favourite things about Finland so today I would like to share with you some awesome things to come out of Finland in no particular order.

Angry Birds
The game sensation of the last few years was indeed made by a finnish game company called Rovio (Finnish word for pyre).

This Unix-based operating system first saw the light of day in 1991 and has since spread all around the world in different distributions. It’s free, some distributions are very easy to use. It’s a fabulous operating system unless you happen to like gaming since most non-console games are PC or Mac only.

While Nokia’s market share has fallen since the iPhone a lot of significant inventions in cell phone technology were originally made by employees of Nokia. Including some that the iPhone uses.

Hannu Rajaniemi
The science fiction prodigy behind Quantum Thief grew up and got educated in Finland.

Iron Sky
If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you definitely need to see it. Basically instead of full defeat, some Nazis formed a base of operations on the moon and have been there ever since. Now they come back to Earth to ready their final invasion. What follows is hilarity when a super-naive woman raised on the moon-base, who believes the propaganda is introduced to a 21st century society.