I’ll admit, I didn’t really expect much from The Rise of the Guardians. I went to see it mainly because the concept intrigued me. Okay and also the tattoos on Santa Claus. The trailers gave completely the wrong idea of the movie however and I was pleasantly surprised.

The movie starts with Jack Frost and despite what the trailers lead to believe it is about Jack Frost finding himself and becoming a Guardian of children. It’s a beautiful, well-done, sappy feel-good movie. I couldn’t stop smiling after it ended.

Seriously; the story is well written, the casting is fabulous (although everyone in my party noted the trope that the only Brit was cast into the role of the bad guy) and I especially loved Hugh Jackman as the Easter Rabbit. I just wish there had been more prominent female roles but on the other hand I get the story-based reasons there weren’t any but it still makes me a wee-bit sad.

But despite the lack of female role models the movie was incredible. I highly suggest you go see it right now. It’s a breath of fresh air after years of bad Transformers movies and their clones.

And what could be more awesome than that?