Fireworks by Corey.C

Fireworks by Corey.C

So that’s another year almost completely spent and while I definitely feel like I should have done and accomplished more, it has been a really good year. And especially here at the blog. This was my second year of blogging on WordPress and this year you all viewed my blog almost five times as much as you did last year. Mind you, I’m still pretty freaking far away from from the page views of pretty much anyone (this blog gets for example pretty much the exact same amount of views per month as the community blog – Nörttitytöt – I co-edit does every single day) but I still get a warm fuzzy every time I see my page view stats. So here’s a great big thank you to you all even though I have no idea where all of you suddenly came from. Where DID you come from?

In January of this year I started co-editing a community blog, the aforementioned Nörttitytöt (Geekgirls in English) and let me tell you it has been an amazing experience. So many bright and wonderful geekgirls with so many interesting and fun things to say. I feel privileged to be a part of the community that has sprung around the blog and moreover I feel privileged to be so involved in such a cool project.

On the writing front this year has been not only pretty methodical but also very productive. I’ve managed to finish the first drafts of many a short story and about half of a novel which is much more than I managed last year. Also I really think the quality of my writing has been better this year than it has in previous years. I think I may also be on the verge of getting the hang of middles which have always been my weak point in any story. No sales this year either but to tell the truth I haven’t been as active with sending my stories out as I should have been so that’s all on me. But on the other hand this year we also decided that I would be applying to Clarion and/or Clarion West for next summer which would be such an awesome and scary experience that I can’t even tell you. There’s no guarantee that I’ll get in but even the thought of applying is exciting and butterfly-inducing and something that totally makes my day.

Then there’s also all the other ways this year has been good and all kinds of wonderful that I’m not going to share here because a girl’s got to have SOME privacy.

This turned into a surprisingly sentimental post. But what can I say, it’s been a very good year.