If you’re even remotely involved in geek culture you’re probably at least somewhat aware of Dr. Who. A lot of people have never seen even one episode of Doctor Who while they’re still aware of it. A colleague of mine said that he hadn’t started watching because it had always seemed to him like such work to get up to date. And that’s part of what’s so awesome about Doctor Who; you can basically start anywhere. There’s all this history, going all the way to the sixties but you can basically start anywhere and the new series starts a whole new continuum if you really feel like starting from the beginning.

So here’s what you need to know. Doctor Who tells the story of the many and varied adventures of the Doctor. Always just the Doctor. The Doctor is the last of the Time Lords, an alien race who look much like humans but live for hundreds and hundreds of years. The way the Doctor spends his time is traveling around the Universe and fixing injustice and stopping horrible events all over time and space. For some reason he keeps getting drawn back to humans to save us time and time again. As a Time Lord he is also capable of regenerating, which means that when he’s about to die he gets born again which is why we are on the 11th Doctor right now. To keep from getting lonely he keeps finding human companions, mostly women. His ship, the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), is shaped like a police box and it’s bigger on the inside. While some of it is just silly adventures there are some very painful and beautiful episodes. Some have even won awards of many different types.

My Doctor has always been and forever will be David Tennant but the others have their own charms. And each of them has their own personality. But the Doctor goes on.

And that’s more than awesome.