Here’s the thing; I’ve been a geek all my life. I can’t help it. I get excited about things and I just can not contain myself. As you can imagine (probably from personal experience) that trait did not make me very popular during grade school OR junior high (high school on the other hand was pretty cool, mostly because I went to a super nerdy high-school). Like pretty much any nerd I bear my scars from that time, some of them even physical. But since then the internet happened and suddenly nerds are cool.

Yes, the geek did indeed inherit the Earth. With the rise of New Media and the explosion of gaming into the mainstream it seems that there is nowhere in the world where you can’t find other geeks. We are at a point in time when the White House gets a petition with over 30 000 signatories to begin construction for a science fiction construct and they respond with a message, if not written by a geek then at least with a catering to the geek. We live in a time when it’s possible for someone losing his eyesight to get treated for it. We live in a time when Australia’s Prime Minister gives a straight-faced speech that mentions flesh-eating zombies and demonic hell-monsters.

I don’t know that it’s any easier for the future generation of geeks winding their way through high-school or junior high right now but it does get better and the total amount of Awesome in the world seems to be growing every day.

We are living in a world completely unimaginable even two decades ago except by the means of science fiction. We may have even colonized Mars (apply today!) in ten years time. And with geeks on all walks of life taking over we can only imagine the extents the human race will be capable of two decades from now.

And that my friends is the most Awesome thing of all.