Cover art for the Throne of the Crescent Moon

Let me start out by saying I generally don’t like Epic Fantasy anymore. As a teenager I devoured the stuff so much that I just grew weary of it. So I was a little wary when I began The Throne of the Crescent Moon. My fears were soon put to rest in the very capable hands of Saladin Ahmed. A lot of that may well come from the fact that instead of a pseudo-version of Europe in the Middle Ages The Throne of the Crescent Moon is set in a sort Arabian Nights type of Middle Eastern Middle Ages.

The Throne of the Crescent Moon tells the tale of an aging ghul-hunter (Doctor Adoulla Makshlood), his assistant (Raseed) and a shapeshifting lioness-girl (Zamia) who are all chasing after a pack of ghuls for their own various reasons. Raseed, driven by honour and plans to take over Adoulla’s practice, Zamia seeking revenge, even willing to risk her life to get it. Last but not least of course is the good doctor himself; Adoulla Makshlood has dedicated his whole life to eradicating evil and he is getting old and tired. He wanted to settle down and raise a family but instead he followed his calling and now it may be too late.

For me the best thing about this book were the characters. Complex and realistic while still also consistent with the world the author has created. And also new and exciting because it’s a culture the like of which hasn’t been written for a long time (or if it has, I haven’t read it). I don’t want to talk about the plot for fear of spoilers but suffice it to say it is action-packed and full of twists and turns with a satisfying ending.

This book was a highly entertaining read. I completely recommend it for anyone who likes a little bit of magic with their action as well as anyone who likes realistic characters in a fantastical universe.

This is the last Monday post I’ll be doing for a while. I got made redundant at my day job and I’m taking it as an opportunity to finish the novel I’m working on before getting another and as a result I’m trying to finish it as quickly as possible.