Boa Constrictor by W i l l a r d

You’ve probably seen Boa Constrictors in many different capacities, mostly as pets or extras in movies or on TV. This is because unlike most large snakes, Boas are pretty docile and tameable. Although pretty small for constrictor snakes they can still reach 4 metres (13 feet) long, with females being almost twice the size of the males. They eat mostly rodents but sometimes they’ve been known to catch mammals as big as cats (namely Ocelots) as well as lizards and bats. They can also sense heat with their lips which tends to help with the hunting.

What you probably don’t know is that they still have hind feet. Or what’s left of them at least. Just like Pythons, they still have a very stunted pelvis and very small feet left. Only now they’re called pelvic spurs. The spurs on the males are much bigger than on the female and mostly they’re used to get a better grip on the female during mating. So the next time someone talks about snakes’s legs you’ll know they’re an actual thing. 😉

P1120377 by GeraldS