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“I am not going to just stay behind while you guys go risk life and limb on that island.”

Rita stood in front of the passenger door, looking like an Amazon straight out of the history pages.

“Come now, Rita. You know we need someone to stay and guard the plane and get the message to anyone who can help should something happen to us.”

“Yes, someone. It doesn’t say anywhere that that someone should be me. She’s the newbie,” she said, pointing at me. “She should be the one staying behind to do the newbie stuff. No offense, kid.”

“None taken,” I replied. “To tell you the truth, I’ve got no idea of what I’m doing.”

Vladimir simply rolled his eyes. “Look, she is Helmi’s heir and that means something. It means quite a lot if we mean to convince Alastair White to work with us. There must have been a specific reason that he sent the bottle to Helmi.”

“Yeah there is; he’s a manipulative sumbitch and Helmi fell for it every time. No offense honey.”

I shrugged. “I don’t know enough about my grandmother’s other life to take offense. Like the lady says, I’m new here.”

“Nonetheless, you should stay behind, Rita.”

“You always say that. And then either I or Lou gets shot. You know what the definition of insanity is?”

“Doing the same thing and expecting different results,” Vladimir said in a bored sing-song voice.

“Exactly. So no matter what you say, I’m coming with you this time.”

Vladimir suddenly lifted his hands up in despair. “Fine. We all go get killed and no one gets to know.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, I called it in before we started this little tiff. If we don’t call back in 48 hours, things will set in motion to be sure.”

Vladimir stared at his sister open-mouthed. When he realized this he closed his mouth with an audible snap and just kept staring.

“Should we get going? I mean we could just stay here and wait for those superhero-guys to come finish us off but I’d prefer to be actively working toward something when I die.”