Fennec Fox by rogersmithpix

Once in a while it’s time to concentrate on the utterly adorable and that brings us to the Fennec Fox. They’re small and highly social and they mate for life. They eat pretty much anything small enough that they can find up to and including rabbits. But since they live pretty much all over the Sahara desert, those small things are sometimes scarce. Like a lot of foxes, these guys listen to find the exact spot to strike which also looks very adorable.

The most noticeable feature of the Fennec Fox is of course its huge ears. Besides having the effect of making it seriously cute, the ears actually serve a function; they keep the fox cool even in the harsh desert conditions it lives in. The adorableness also means that they’re often kept as pets, separated from their parents at a very young age to make them more domestic although they’re still wild animals. It also looks like two separate fennec foxes were the inspiration for Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry’s fox character in The Little Prince.

Fennec fox by Paul J. Morris