Koala by Alberto Ifes

Continuing with the whole cuteness theme started last week, I bring you the Koala. Everybody knows they’re tree-living marsupials that live on Eucalyptus trees. Neither their cuteness nor the commonly known facts are what makes Koalas interesting.

There are several fabulous things about Koalas. The first one is that they have fingerprints. Now you might think that’s common and expected, but no. There are only a few species of animal besides primates to sport fingerprints and even of those the Koala is special. It seems that it’s hard to distinguish between koala fingerprints and human fingerprints. The next amazing thing on our list comes down to reproductive organs; Koala females have two uteruses and essentially two vaginas. Try not to let your head explode at the furry porn possibilities inherent in that. The last utterly amazing thing about koalas is their brain. It’s considerably smaller than their cranium and this is thought to be because their diets have gone low cal. Insert lame anorexia joke here. I couldn’t find any reference to how fast it happened but it’s still cool to think about a super-smart race of koalas once inhabiting the planet.

Koala by Klomiz