Bamboo shrimps on dragon. by Mauro Luna

The bamboo shrimp is a funny little creature built only of funny little characteristics. Nothing normal about it, let me tell you. Its most distinguishing feature is by far the fan-like appendages it uses to feed itself. It will simply sit there in a river – the swihter the better – (or an aquarium when it comes to that), push up and fan out the catchers. Then, as the fans gather algae and micro organisms, the bamboo shrimp pulls then fans back to its mouth, one by one to provide the bounty within. And they need a lot of it since they molt their shells roughly once a month.

The bamboo shrimp is also a living mood ring which makes it a popular aquarium pet. It changes color based on… well its mood. Their bodies become bright red whenever they’re happy and go fainter whenever they depressed. And they apparently do get depressed whenever food is scarce. Well, who wouldn’t be?

Bamboo shrimp by threefingeredlord