Margay by Ben Cooper

The whole point of this series has been to bring out the number of wonderful and gorgeous animals there are besides cats. But the internet does love its cats and for this one weekend I’m joining it with the ultimate cat; the margay. They are adorable beyond belief with huge eyes slightly shorter-than-normal faces. They’re a little bigger than typical housecats and covered in leopard spots. They can mostly be found in northern parts of South America and they eat pretty much anything that moves.

What makes margays almost completely unique are their wrists. Besides the clouded leopard, margays are the only cats capable of climbing down a tree face first. They’re incredibly agile with wrists that turn a full 180 degrees and capable of jumping almost 4 metres (12 feet) straight up. And if all that wasn’t enough it can also hang from trees using just one leg. Take that, Ceiling Cat.

Margay by Marco Zanferrari