Allow me to offer you a warning example of why you should do backups as often as possible, preferably automatically.

So I did something, when I installed WordPress on my server; I decided that it should be located neatly in a folder titled “wp”. This was not well thought out and I’ve hated it ever since. So yesterday, as I was writing about WordPress for I decided to do something about it. Which, let me tell you, is exactly the right time to start messing around with your site settings; while writing a blog post that’s due the next morning. But now I’m digressing.

Anyway, I changed the address from WorPress configurations which was my first mistake (it’s supposed to be changed from the server configuration and I knew this going in) immediately losing the ability to log in, use or view the front-end of my site. Yes, folks, sometimes I am just that stupid. So after much cursing and sighing and more than a little muttering the site’s back up with only one post lost. Which is, you know, absolutely fabulous sweetie-darling.

But the thing is, I never remember to take backups. I am very, very, VERY bad at taking backups. If it doesn’t happen automatically, I don’t have backups. I got lucky in that my service provider does it automatically which is why I only lost one post. I use Dropbox for most of my truly important stuff like non-trunked stories and such which means that every time I lose internet connectivity, I get nervous.

But that’s not exactly the point. The point is, today is a fabulous day to make sure everything that’s important to you gets backed up regularly and automatically. Be safe.