So I got myself another day job which is absolutely fantastic, especially since it’s in a company that from the basis of my job interview seems AWESOME, doing product development which I’ve been wanting to do for years now, working with people who at least give a rocking first appearance. I don’t think there’s any way I could be more excited about a job if I tried but the downside is that I’ll likely be pretty brained at least for a few weeks after I start. Which means that I’ll need to finish the first draft of my novel by then.

Since the last failure I scrapped the outline yet again, keeping only the stuff that I was most excited about. Then, with the help of my awesome new writing buddy – Fritz Bogott – I half brainstormed half outlined the story I really want to tell about these librarians (jinx!). So it is now day three of July Camp NaNo and I’m using the community to try to rack up the wordcount before the middle of August rolls around.

Project: Librarians
Deadline: Aug 14, 2013
New words written: 5000
Present total word count: 5000

Things accomplished in fiction: Rewrote the beginning yet again. Rewrote the evil double arriving yet again. Am in the middle of writing my protagonist trying to defend someone she shouldn’t be defending because she believes in intelligent beings given a choice in their behavior

Next up: I write the rest of what needs to happen before my evil double arrives.

Things accomplished in real life:The dog is going to a show on Saturday and therefore needed a wash, which is a whole thing in and of itself. He is now a much more clean doggy, now he just requires more brushing. While the dog is in the dog show I’ll be at Finncon the whole day. On sunday I’ll be talking about female archetypes in science fiction and fantasy movies with the other Nörttitytöt editors and we’ve been working on that presentation too.