I’m traveling in Copenhagen this week and let me tell you, it is fabulous. It is not, however, very conducive to noveling. My wordcounts are falling and that’s not fabulous. Next week is unlikely to be incredibly productive either but we’ll worry about that when we get there.

Project: Librarians
Deadline: Aug 14, 2013
New words written: 8900
Present total word count: 13900

Things accomplished in fiction: I’m almost at the point where the evil twin appears. By this time next week I should be way past that point and be back to writing linearly.

Next up: The evil twin starts making things hard for our hero!

Things accomplished in real life: I did my first ever speaking engagement in a con and it was fabulous. Our audience was fabulous and responsive and they had wonderful points to make. It felt oddly intimate even though the 200-person room was almost completely full (also; nearly 200 people came to listen to me and my friends talk about something we care about! This was me as the room started filling up.). The presentation went off really well and the comments have been only positive.