This week writing has been more like pulling teeth than it has been in a long time. There are some likely reasons, all of them personal, none of them actually necessary evils. The good news is, I think I’m finally getting over the hump. Today the words have been flowing more easily than during the past week. The trouble of course being that today I have little time to write.

Project: Librarians (with a little short story on the side)
Deadline: Aug 14, 2013
New words written: 2 324
Present total word count: 22 747

Things accomplished in fiction: I only managed to barely write the first scene of the fabled short story.

Next up: Finish writing the short story and return to noveling. Yes, again.

Things accomplished in real life: Things have likewise been very slow in terms of real life. To be honest I’ve been pretty much a zombie during the past week and not much has been accomplished anywhere. Today I did go to see a science show of laminated bodies. This one in fact. And I have to say there are few things that are simultaneously so fascinating and so gross. I highly recommend everyone go see it. And since it’s a touring exhibition, it’s likely to come to a town near you in the future, should you not be in the Greater Helsinki area during the exhibition.