Octopus at Pona do Ouro, Mozambique #SCUBA #pictures #underwater by Derek Keats

Octopuses are among my favorite creatures. They are incredible. Not only can they change the color and texture of their skins, they have a brain (well nerve clusters, but work with me here) for each of their legs separately as well as one for general thinking. They’re incredibly smart and the thing is that we don’t know just how smart because we don’t really even understand their brain’s structure very well. What we do know is that they are very good at problem solving and they learn incredibly fast given that their lifespans vary from only a few months to only a few years.

They have three hearts. If caught, they can lose a limb to get free. They kill by injecting their prey (mostly crabs and other molluscs) with venomous saliva. All octopuses are poisonous but out of the 300 or so species, only a few are dangerous to humans. And I know I already mentioned the pattern and texture changing skin, but hiding is their main defense mechanism against predators, like humans. They can squeeze in to almost any crevace to get away and then make themselves disappear completely just by changing their skincolor. Really, there’s nothing not incredible about octopuses. <3 [caption width="500" align="alignnone"] White Spot Octopus at night by Saspotato[/caption]

* It’s good to know that the correct plural of octopus is octopuses or octopoda. But I’m taking poetic licenses here so screw obscure grammar.