This has been an odd and a busy week. A lot of things have been happening on the Nörttitytöt side of my life, cool plans forming and another possible speaking engagement, this time on the use of race in audiovisual speculative fiction.

Project: Librarians (with a little short story on the side)
Deadline: Aug 14, 2013
New words written: 2 952
Present total word count: 28 996

Things accomplished in fiction: I finished the first draft of the short story and managed to catch up to the scenes I previously wrote out of sync in the novel. My main character’s doppelganger is starting to cause problems.

Next up: I’m not entirely sure, but there’s going to be something wicked coming this way.

Things accomplished in real life: Outlined the proposed lecture for Fanfest in October, begun arrangements for more fun stuff in that arena and started getting ready to begin work next week.