Today I begun at my new job (wheee!). As expected though I’m a little brained right now so instead of a progress report I’m going to tell you why you should vote for the Helsinki Worldcon bid. Or better yet; allow some other people tell you.

Jeff & Ann VandeMeer:

And here’s how it works:

And most of all, you should support a Helsinki bid for WorldCon in 2015 because Helsinki is an awesome city! It’s beautiful here in August, but the nights are already getting dark so you don’t need to worry about not being able to sleep for that reason. There’s no need to worry about a language barrier as Finns in general speak english pretty well. Not everyone of us is going to be able to debate you on the finer aspects of english literature coherently, but I double dog dare you to find anyone (not including tourists) who won’t be able to give you directions to wherever you’re going. We have cheap and ubiquitous public transportation, cool people, beautiful nature and a fabulous fandom.

In other words; you should totally vote for Helsinki in 2015.

Full disclosure: I’m not in any way involved in the Helsinki WorldCon bid, I’m just really, really, really excited about the prospect that Helsinki might get to host a WorldCon. <3