Red Fox at the British Wildlife Centre by Derbyshire Wildlife Photography, on Flickr

I’ve been obsessed with foxes lately so this week’s Anti-Caturday animal seemed a logical continuum of that obsession. They eat pretty much anything that moves, mosty small rodents but also rabbits, game birds and even young asses. Seeing its diet list, it’s not exactly surprising to find out that humans have hunted it as a pest for most of human history.

Much of European folklore and fairytales consider the red fox to be the most cunning and clever of all the animal species and not for nothing. The red fox is incredible at adapting to new environments. It has spread all over the Northern hemisphere as well as to Australia, where it’s considered among the world’s 100 worst invasive species list. There are currently 45 different recognized subspecies from the arctic to the desert. Among all fox species it is among the very rare that are not endangered. It also seems to be somewhat fearless, at least when it comes to humans. There’s at least one fox living somewhere near to me because I’ve seen it sometimes while walking the dog in the evening, especially when the dog was still a pup.

Red Fox by Michael Masciantonio, on Flickr