Nap Give the dog a bellyrub Stay up way too late trying to finish a short story Despair at my inability to be awesome Design and build a doomsday machine Try and take over the WORLD! See you monday. I’ll let you know how it...

Help me!

The dog seems to think I’m procrastinating and is holding me hostage. Quick! Someone distract him with a treat!

All Things Audio!

I don’t think I squee enough about all the wonderful audio fiction out there. I spend a lot of time staring at computer screens so in the hope that I won’t be completely blind by the time I’m sixty, I try to not use my eyes for reading when I can....

Have a little Sun

Look at that gorgeous thing: According to NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day that is an ultraviolet photo on a slow day. Click on over to APOD for knowledge. Or at least facts.

Imposter Syndrome, party of one!

Writing is a very solitary endeavor especially when you’re unpublished. You write and plot and write and submit to markets and get rejections. I’ve been submitting stories to various markets for a couple of years now, shelving them as my skills get so much...