I like knitting, but only if the yarn in question is wool because wool is absolutely fabulous. I could sing songs to its gorgeousness.

I mean look at the fabulosity!

Wool keeps you warm when you’re cold and cool if you’re hot. Wool is forgiving like a mother and wraps you like a lover. You can dye it to create wonderful colors but it’s also incredibly beautiful on its own. Beautiful whites, gorgeous honeys and chocolate browns that seem ready to just melt.

Look at that pretty!

Wool is durable and I think it smells nice. You can spin it to be rough and chunky or as fine as cobwebs. There are shawls and people who actually knit them that are fine enough to pull through a wedding ring. I mean shawls that are six feet or 180 cm square. And even if you’re not that skillful, a wool item is still beautiful. You don’t have to be an expert to knit but if you are you can create more incredible things.

Excuse me, I think I have some knitting to do now.